Protect Your Email Addresses


Dir-Fu protects your organization's email addresses by keeping them off your website in order to limit spammers, phishing or malware attacks.

It achieves this by allowing you to create searchable public directories with personalized contact forms, for your entire organization, using a simple csv file.

This means your constituents or customers can still easily find and contact your staff directly, saving your organization time and money, all while reducing risk.

Login to your account

Create a directory for your organization

Upload a CSV of your staff members

Upload a logo for your organization

You're all set! Now you can access your directory in two ways.

Stand-alone Directory

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Or, embed a simple line of html and javascript into your organization's own website.

Embedded Javascript Example

This totally works. Send us a message!

    Your leadership team has seen articles in the news where an attacker has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from a single organization via email. They need to reduce risk.

    Your IT staff, understanding that email is the first point of attack, has asked that email addresses be removed from your organization's website for years.

    Your constituents just need an easy way to search a directory and contact someone directly.

    Dir-Fu meets all these needs and more!!!